ROSEBUD opens its petals and
Cums 1st in Rolex Sydney 2 Hobart

photo credit Daniel / Rolex

Okay, its very nice seeing the big boats doing all the running and getting there first, but that was always going to happen anyway. Sailing is just like good sex, its about not coming first all the time, its about getting it all set up so it feels just right, playing with all the bits that make it go faster, its about the passion and sticking in there and making it feel good till the end. And even if they were not first THEY WON...   read on                by Marine Blast sailing videos

BOSS  surfin´








surf boat rowing


music: Going the Distance by Cake

Ocean Going Tug



bridge too low


Was passiert eigentlich, wenn die Hubbrücke
sich senkt, bevor das Schiff passiert hat?



Was passiert eigentlich, wenn man den Heißstropp
an der Antriebswelle festschäkelt?

Big Wave Surfing




Hier landet die Deutsche Marine
Als bleibendes "Denkmal des unermüdlichen, stets gefährdeten Minensuchers" sehen Nato-Kameraden dieses ungewöhnliche Foto des deutschen Minenjagdbootes M 1064 "Grömitz": In der Nacht zu Mittwoch war das Schiff bei starkem Schneetreiben mit 41 Soldaten an Bord während einer Nato-Übung vor Norwegens Küste nahe Bergen auf eine Schäre gelaufen. Die ersten Fotos schoss ein verdutzter Fischer. Glück im Unglück: Es gab keine Verletzten, keinen Wassereinbruch. Gestern Abend sollte der 54 Meter lange Schären-Schleifer (660 Tonnen) aus antimagnetischem Stahl bei Flut freigeschleppt werden. Unfallursache? Wahrscheinlich "Fehlnavigation".
Hamburger Abendblatt, 22.02.2007

Hydrofoil Windsurfing


Windsurfing between
life and death



Dynamite Surfing
in Copenhagen



 47,2kn: Video

Big Bumps


Wow, we never knew a boat like Play Station had such a violent motion. Is this just a combination of the wind and waves, or are all the big cats like this? [...] That thing is huge! Whatever, it is certainly hauling ass in this video!

catch this skiff


They were on starboard,
the ferry should have tacked away!

"A Day in the Life"


6:30am: get out of bed, put clothes on radiator to warm as it is -10 outside.

7am: Have breakfast, get in car, wait 5 minutes for it to warm up, get out, scrape ice off windows, drive to train station

7:15 am: wait on freezing train platform and cringe when it's announced that train will be 20 minutes late, it's still -10

7:40 am: get on train, trip over someone's briefcase and spill coffee on someone's coat while they are sleeping, realize forgot to recharge iPod battery, try to see lake out window in the dark and not stare at guy across me you who needs to blow nose

8:00 a.m: get to work, boss is yelling before you even get coat, hat, mittens, scarf and boots off

8:10 am: check Yacht club site for countdown to launch day, check Sailing Anarchy site for some inspiration

8:15 am: get in trouble for surfing the net

9 am: check watch, is it lunch yet?

9:30 am: check yacht club site for launch day countdown

10 am: check watch

10:30 am: check yacht club site for launch countdown, still hasn't changed

11 am: get yelled at by boss

11:30 am: check watch and Sailing Anarchy

11:45 am: get in trouble for surfing net

Noon: lunch, forgot to bring it. Dig for some change, beg coworkers to lend you some money, go find something interesting to eat.

1 pm: get yelled at the rest of the afternoon and there's no time to check Sailing Anarchy or launch day countdown

4 pm: rush out of office and run to catch overcrowded train

4:30 pm: get off train, wait in car 5 minutes for it to warm up (it's now -20). get out of car, scrape ice of windows for 15 minutes. Go grocery shopping. Get in car and wait 5 minutes for it to warm up, scrape ice off car.

5 pm: get home. Feed cat before she takes off your ankle. Feed husband before he takes off his and your clothes.

7 pm: go to yacht club and realize that you forgot to bring the beer (it's your night) for your darts team

7:30 pm: play darts and drink beer

8 pm: win darts game

8:30pm: drink more beer, don't want any left overs

9 pm: get in car and wait for 5 minutes to warm up, get out and scrape ice off windshield

9:30 pm: get home, husband naked, yikes

10 pm: get in bed and hope for the best

10:20 pm: get out of bed, check yacht club website for launch day countdown. Take sleeping pill.

Jen Zimmerman!


Find Your Fun. Sure, we all race hard, but in my book, there has to be an unyielding fun factor during the race or forget it, it just ain't worth it. Jokes, ball busting, ridicule (especially the other boats) and a general level of verbal anarchy is what I like. Kept within limits of course. No yelling. Ever. Sure the occasional bark of "What the fuck are we doing over here?" is fine, but yelling is for assholes, plain and simple.

Speed is King. I know, Captain Obvious just walked in the room, but for me it has always been about sailing fast. The essence of the sport is getting the boat going fast and keeping it there. I've always loved that. Get on board and sail the bitch as fast as she'll go. Sure, you need all the other ingredients to make a good cake, but i always like the fast part.

Good Vibe. This probably ties into Find Your Fun. Is there anything better than a crew that just seems to all be on the same page? Everybody gets along, everybody digs the vibe that they helped create. [...] There is a camaraderie that is worth building and keeping. If it isn't a blast with your mates, for me, it isn't fun. And it's gotta be fun. [...]