by Kathryn Clark
Taken during Hobie Wave Nationals in Key Largo FL, USA. Even little boats can make big mistakes.

Aloha, Brah!

This is a shot of the Hawaiian local Antrim 27, Intuition in the Lahaina Return Race from this past summer. They went on to win their class in 20-35 knot winds, eventually boat-for-boating the Santa Cruz 52 from which this photo was taken by Jesse Andrews.The 27 was reported at various times to be:

- Sideways.
- Airborn.
- Planing for great distances on the surface area on the bottom of the keel.
- Flying by at breakneck speed with water pouring out of the batten pockets.

Either way, that is real sailing. Thanks to SA reader M Denzer for the love.


Here is a photo of a boat that I sail on here in Detroit. 2 days ago, a local America's Cup sailor, who shall remain nameless (he quit his Cup team when a certain Kiwi was put back in rotation), had some sod stripped from his yard. Instead of disposing of it properly, said sailor decided to have a laugh at the expense of our local chandler, who owns this boat.
The attention to detail and professional finish on this "yard" is excellent. If this rockstar does not get a ride for the next Cup go around in Europe, he obviously has a bright future on the working end of a Lawn Boy.


To the Matterhorn!




Disaster struck on the third leg of the race when the strategist Adam Beashel warned of "bad waves coming." As the load on the 25-ton boat was stretched to the maximum, the black boat rode over two big waves but on the third it dipped low into the trough, and coming out of it the mast snapped just above the second batten. At the same moment, Beashel was shouting "waves coming" it all came crashing down.



Metaphorically, this picture says plenty about the current state of TNZ. They are in big trouble. They now find themselves in a situation where they are going to have to try and do things differently. They will probably need to win the start and sail flawlessly, two things they've not yet done.



The Fat Lady has Yodelled

Cowbells and bovine mascots Alinghi took the day away on the dock where thousands of people celebrated a well deserved win

Ernesto Bertarelli


Larry Ellison & Chris Dickson

                  If you're happy and you know it,
                  clap your hands.
                  If you're happy and you know it,
                  clap your hands.
                  If you're happy and you know it
                  and you're not afraid to show it,
                  clap your hands.
                  Come on Dicko, sing along.
                  If you're happy...