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Völlig überraschend tauchte in den frühen Morgenstunden (4 h) Bertrand de Broc im Hafen von Brest auf. Der Skipper des 60-Fuss Multihulls "Banque Covefi" meldete keine Havarie oder sonstigen Schäden an Bord. In einer Radiomeldung von France Info, ist de Broc von den Ereignissen Franck Cammas und Jean Le Cam so stark beindruckt, dass er sogar künftig nicht mehr einhand segeln möchte.
"Ich hätte beinahe die Groupama gerammt, ich sah in der dunklen Nacht plötzlich ein Flash-light auftauchen, und drehte sofort ab. Über UKW-Funk erfuhr ich von Jean le Cam, dass es sich um die gekenterte Groupama handelte, ich hatte Glück... Aber dieser Zwischenfall erinnerte mich an meine Kenterung bei der Vendée Globe, damals verlor ich mein Kiel und so einer Angst im Bauch kann man nicht ordentlich segeln. Ich werde nicht mehr einhand segeln, nur noch mit Co-Skipper oder mit Crew".
Zu den Gründen der Havarie auf der Groupama heisst es, dass Cammas sein Schiff übertakelt haben soll, um den Rückstand auf Loick Peyron aufzuholen. "Bei Winden von 12 - 15 Knoten am Wind zu segeln, ist eine Kenterung eher unwahrscheinlich, so Peyron. Zum Zeitpunkt wir die Groupama von einem SNS-Schiff in den Hafen von Roscoff geschleppt, dann wird sich Franck Cammas zu den Ereignissen äußern.  11.11.02




die gute alte "Ilmah" ("Merle")



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Email from Neal McDonald
Subject: Dock interview with Neal McDonald  
Position report at 19 February 2002  

[...]  Q: How do you balance the safety of your crew with pushing the boat?

A:  At the end of the day you have to look at statistics. 
You could slow down to 17 knots and still die. [...]




         Barney Walker steering with the emergency tiller,          
Justin Slattery & Nigel King in the background
onboard News Corp after losing their rudder.

Email from Ross Field
Boat: Team News Corp
Subject: The morning after
Position report at 15 February 2002   1230 GMT
We are now running along the Brazilian coast under three reefs in the mainsail and a poled [spinnaker] out headsail.  That’s about as much sail as we can handle.  We are making 10 knots towards Rio and sitting in sixth place.

How did it happen?  We were running under shy spinnaker reaching speeds of 23 knots.  I was steering and pulled on the wheel to correct the boat and all of a sudden the rudder broke off under the hull and drifted off into the ocean.   I thought the rig had come down [due to the bang] and leaped for the other wheel and leaped [back] for the other wheel.   I felt nothing and the crew yelled at me that the rudder was gone.  The boat rounded up into a violent broach and the code 3 spinnaker flogged itself to death.   [...]

Better go on deck.   I have been banned from steering again for the rest of this trip.    Ross Field


Email from Ross Field
Boat: Team News Corp
Subject: Sorry to hear that SEB lost their rig
8 February 2002   1500 GMT
It is a very critical time at the moment as we're gybing downhill to Cape Horn. 
Very sorry to hear that SEB lost their rig.  Pleased to hear that everyone is safe.  Hope they have a good trip to Rio and make the restart to Miami.   Speak soon. 
Ross Field


Entering Hyperspace

4 February 2002 -- [...] illbruck has gained a reputation for being solid, dependable and conservative in their approach, waiting for others to take the gambles. But for a few hours, John Kostecki clearly gave his crew free rein to send the green machine galloping through the iceberg-strewn ocean at breakneck pace. To some, this might appear as reckless as Han Solo launching the Millennium Falcon into hyperspace in the midst of an asteroid field, but this time fortune has favoured the brave.



illbruck Challenge is deep into iceberg territory.

3 February 2002 - Despite the relentless dangers of the Southern Ocean, big seas, freezing temperatures and icebergs the size of a small island, illbruck have been putting their foot to the floor and gaining some miles.

In only six hours the lean green racing machine covered 126 miles – and it was night time.

Sitting in a puddle of water as he typed on board, Richard Clarke was clearly pleased with their progress. “At times in this race it pays to throttle back and save the gear but last night we were in a groove and we let it all hang out. It paid nicely as we find found ourselves in the lead and extending a bit.”



Travemünde nicht vergessen!





Head in a bucket

Even Volvo Ocean Race crews get seasick


Leserwahl zur "Yacht des Jahres"
Hamburg, 11. Januar 2002. [...]
Bei der routinemäßigen Überprüfung der mehr als 10 000 Original-Wahlkarten kam es jetzt im Zusammenhang mit zwei Modellen deutscher Hersteller zu Ungereimtheiten. Eine auffällige Häufung von Stimmen verbesserte das ohnehin gute Abschneiden der "Hanse 371 DS", der Greifswalder Hanse-Werft, und der "Bavaria 44", des Herstellers Bavaria aus Giebelstadt, deutlich. Beide rückten vom zweiten auf den ersten Platz ihrer Gruppe vor. Hunderte Wahlkarten mit identischem Stimmmuster und vielfach identischer Handschrift sorgten für diese Verschiebung. [...]
Die Redaktion reagierte umgehend, bereinigte die Wahlergebnisse und bat die betroffenen Werften um eine Stellungnahme. Hanse-Chef Michael Schmidt zeigte sich irritiert. Tatsächlich gibt es nach den vorliegenden Informationen keine Anhaltspunkte für eine aktive Einflussnahme der Hanse-Werft; ein Händler hatte offenbar in Eigenregie Stimmen manipuliert. Bavaria hingegen musste auf Nachfrage einräumen, unter falschem Namen selbst mehrere Hundert Hefte gekauft und die sich darin befindlichen Stimmkarten an Mitarbeiter weiter gegeben zu haben. [...]

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[...] Außerdem waren die diesjährigen Stimmkarten eh alle ungültig, sie trugen nämlich das Einsendeschlußdatum 31.12.2000 (!!!) - Datum des Poststempels. Tja, Blondine kommt vom Joggen - dumm gelaufen.


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5 January 2002 -- At just 2,050 miles, Leg 3 of the Volvo Ocean Race was by no means the longest leg of the event.

[...]   Neal McDonald clearly enjoyed winning the Sydney-Hobart Race but regretted not being able to savour the moment for longer. The general consensus seemed to be that a 24-hour stopover would have been ideal, with the race counting as a leg in its own right. Departing so soon after their arrival was a bittersweet moment for the victorious crew of ASSA ABLOY. Grant Dalton sympathised with the mixture of emotions they must have felt.  “It’s a bit like pushing your mother-in-law off a cliff in your own car,” he suggested.


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Email from Jez Fanstone                              
Boat: Team News Corp
Subject: 12 Wet Labradors

Position report at 2 January 2002   0440 GMT
[...]   We have had a lot of gear changes in the last few days requiring us to change sails and move all the gear around in the boat, which has been draining, on the bodies’ reserves.  This has been accompanied by a continual soaking so that the boat below smells like it is inhabited by 12 wet Labradors.

Just over two days to go with the leading two boats looking hard to catch unless there is a big hole waiting for them, it has happened before. Yacht racing is definitely not over until the fat lady sings.  We are ready for any windows of opportunity that should open up for us.  See you all in Auckland



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Email from Anthony "Nocka" Bennett Nossiter
Boat: djuice dragons
Subject: Dragon New Year’s Day
Position report at 1 January 2002   1122 GMT

Hi guys, happy New Year to you all.

[...]   We now have three Australians on the boat for this leg, myself (Nock), Ratty [David Blanchfield] and Spike [Peter Doriean]. These are all nicknames of course... no Aussie goes by a real name. Ratty had a bad experience the other day on the bow. We were changing jibs in 30 knots and in a big seas. He was getting plenty of air as the bow flew out the water over each wave. He launched off a mother wave, went under the next one, and got the largest 'weggy' a man has ever had. One leg either side of the forestay and al lot of force into it. The rat did a bit of damage to his 'family jewels' and needed to rest for eight hours. I do hope the poor fella isn't firing 'blanks' after the incident. I hear he wants a tribe of kids in the near future with his lovely misses of Amer Sports Too (the girls Volvo Ocean Race entry in this race), Katie Pettibone. [...]

Must nap now

Catch ya's




Gigantic Vacuum Cleaner to Starboard!

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                  Caption:   A shot from the deck of News Corp
              showing  ASSA ABLOY on the horizone  heading
              for the infamous Waterspout on the Sydney-Hobart
              section of leg 3.

                  Byline: Jon Gunderson / Team News Corp